About Us

GALEANA 39 was inspired in 2014 after a one year sabbatical in Alamos, Sonora.  We had visited this little town in Southern Sonora for several years before ultimately deciding to buy a house (the address was Galeana 39) and during our year living in that house on our sabbatical is where my inspiration for my candle concept.  Additionally, the concept for my first retail store came about during our sabbatical as well.  In partnership with our neighbor (Liliana Carosso) we developed La Casita (also on Galeana Street next door to our house.  La Casita was literally a little casita that sat next door to our house and this retail store specialized in selling local goods from Artisans that lived in Alamos and also bringing in unique goods from the United States that were hard to find in this town of 10,000.  After returning to Phoenix In 2014 and refining my business plan I opened GALEANA39 on McDowell Road in the Miracle Mile Corridor in Phoenix.  I had developed and refined my brand of Natural Soy candles (under the same name of Galena 39) and started to feature my candles through wholesale accounts in several local venues. As the retail store GALEANA39 evolved it not only featured local produced art from various local artists in Phoenix but grew to include goods rom all over the world from locations in Africa, India, Mexico to name a few.  The ever changing and expanding shop was filled with home goods, gifts and art curated by me to create a Bohemian influenced Brick and mortar store. After 5 years at the McDowell location as COVID 19 hit as I needed to close down the store due to the stay at home order.  I pivoted the emphasis for my business and built an e-commerce shop for my candles which were always the number one seller in my store and have expanded my wholesale offerings. I’m excited about the future of Galeana39 and hope that many more people will get to enjoy these candles.